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How to chooseing wetsuit?

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A:if you are worried with compression  the Daiwabo and Heiwa are higher density and will not compress nearly as much at depth as yamamoto 45, but on the downside i've read that these two neoprenes are nowhere near as stretchy or comfortable. Have any of you guys tried these different types of neoprenes? Please share, I don't know whether I should sacrifice comfortability and get the higher density neoprene so it doesn't compress at depth, or get the yamamoto for comfort, not worry about the compressibility, and risk the suit deteriorating over time from continuous deep dives and compression.  


B:if you are diving in cold weather  if you're diving from a boat, you definitely want smoothskin, because evaporative cooling can chill you if you're in the wind on a boat in a suit with water-soked fabric on the outside. Smoothskin dries off instantly and doesn't chill you in a moving boat.  The softer neoprenes are comfier, and warmer, but the durability is very low. If you get Yamamoto45 neoprene smoothskin you should have a can of neoprene glue in your kitbag, because you will inevitably end up doing repairs if you go spearfishing in it. The Daiwabo sounds like a good choice to me! If your spearfishing style includes getting down on the bottom & slinking over the rocks to close in on your prey, you want a suit that resists abrasion better. Some manufacturers will give you the option of having tough, nylon jersey-covered neoprene in high abrasion areas like the knees, forearms & seat.  


C:if you are worried about tearing.  I'd take Yamamoto since compressing isn't really a concern, unless you are into high-end competitive freediving. Take smoothskin and if you're worried about tearing, choose nylon lined pants.  Breaking the suit while donning isn't as easy as people say, just remember to lube. Inner coatings are rather needless because it will get worn out and opencell goes almost as good when lubed.

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